European Careers Portal 2.0 - Tests to practise

By this mode EPSO tests shall be taken. Please note: There is no time limit. You will receive an evaluation of your performance after each test and you can take a look at the correct answers. For the numerical and for the abstract reasoning test there are explanations for the questions available, too. Your test scores in this mode will not become part of a long-term evaluation. Unanswered questions will be considered incorrect.

Test on Number of questions Time in minutes 
verbal reasoning 20 35
numerical reasoning 10 20
abstract reasoning 10 10
situational judgements 10 15
Prioritising & Organising 12 15
Accuracy & Precision 20 3

Please, note: We are regularly adjusting all tests to EPSO pre-selection tests of open competition.


The times serve as an orientation. Only in the real-time modus there is a time limit.