Pre-selection tests - test information

Accuracy & Precision

Since 2012 the test Accurcy & Presision has beenn applied to assess AST candidates. This test enables the objective assessment of the candidate's ability to detect errors in given information by concentrating on details under time constraints. Usually, the test is taken in the second language (DE, EN or FR).

Each question is based on a standardized item graphic consisting of two tables linked to five different answer options, only one of which is correct. The candidate must compare two tables and detect the mistake(s). The first table contains text and items and the mistake(s). The second table works as reference point and only contains text. 40 questions must be answered. Therefore, the candidate has 6 minutes, which means in average 9 seconds per question.

The task is to choose one of the answer options to indicate whether there are any differences between the tables. It is possible, that up to three mistakes occur in one task. But, sometimes there are also no mistakes. Typical mistakes are:

  • literal mistakes
  • transposed digits
  • wrong salution (Mr./Ms./Mrs.)
  • difference between currencies
  • incomplete data
  • wrong indication of pictogram

In order to (correctly) answer as many questions as possible, you need practice and experience. Each table with the icons is used for several times. You compare different lines and have different answers. But, the structure of the table is the same.

It is important to find the own and individual "rythm" to be able to quickly compare the tables. Therefore a sytematic approach is desirable. Time pressure plays an important role for the test. You will evn not be able to answer all questions. But, as a minimum objective: 30 questions should be answered.