Dare Europe - The Team

euphorum works as a team. We connect experts with people who are interested in a career in one of the EU institutions. By means of our different experiences euphorum can offer comprehensive and targeted solutions.

Marcus Delacor has founded euphorum and created the European Careers Portal. He systematically analyses the EPSO open competitions and develops the webbased learning plattform. As a researcher and project manager for several years he has been implementing training programmes for the Europeanisation of the public administration in EU accession countries. Marcus Delcor studied political sciences, sociology and social psychology.

Elena Carmela Tylko. Cooperation partner. She is involved in the development of the European Careers Portal 2.0. Elena Carmela Tylko holds two Master Degrees, in Sociology and in Political Sciences at the Valencia University (Spain) and has graduated from the university in Leipzig with a Master of European Studies

Nele Peerenboom.  Assistant. Nele Peerenboom works on developing new testing and training measures. She holds a Bachelors of Science from FU Berlin and is currently working towards her Masters in Psychology at Columbia University in New York. Nele has a strong quantitative background and has done research at Oxford University.