Pre-selection tests - test information

Priorising & Organising

Since 2012 the test Priorising & Organising has been applied to assess AST candidates. This test enables the objective assessment of the candidate's ability to organise their own work by structuring information and identifying the most critical tasks from a variety of information given. Usually, the test is taken in the second language (DE, EN or FR).

The task aims at identifying the relevant pieces of information from one ressource, to find the correct answer. There might be available: Calendar, time-tables, order lists, working lists or a compilation of different hotel services. Some questions can easily be answered by reading the table, but usually, you have addtionally to do a simple calculation. 24 questions must be answered. The candidate has 30 minutes, which means in average 75 seconds per question.

In order to (correctly) answer as many questions as possible, you need practice and experience. Each table is used fourth times. Take care, that sometimes addtional information, that is needed to correctly answer the question, is also part of the text/question. Therefore teh text should carefully be read. You should be able to answer all questions in the available time, but you must be concentrated and efficiently work. It is possible to mark questions and review them later.