The European Careers Programmes -
best prepared for EPSO competitions

euphorum offers a Europe-wide unique learning programme so that you are well prepared for the computer based pre-selections tests. The European Careers Programmes are the result of more than 10 years of experience in preparing EPSO applicants. They are utmost suitable for applicants who cannot take part in preparation seminars or would like to prepare themselves individually.

Programme "Situational Judgements"

Programme "Numerical Reasoning"

Programme "Abstract Reasoning"

Programme "Verbal Reasoning"

Programme "Accuracy & Precision"

Programme "Priorising & Organising"

What do you learn?

You learn

  • composition of the tests,
  • challenges in the process to quickly and correctly pass the tests and
  • successful and proven strategies.

How does EUCAP look like?

Step by step we lead you through the tests. You pass several exercises and tests,and you learn to assess your own capacities. With the support of our proven methodology you learn how to correctly and quickly pass the computer based tests. We have prepared several presentation, working documents and exercises for you.

Duration & price

One European Careers Programme costs maximum 400 Credits und is currentyl only availabe in German. You need approximately 1.5 hours to pass completely the programme. You can repeat all chapters and tests at any time.