The structured interview

The structured interview is an interview with two EPSO assessors. With the help of an already developed questionnaire, the assessors figure out how you acted in the past to examine your professional skills. They would like to assess, how you behaviour matches with certain competencies of the EPSO competency framework. Your description of your past behaviour is rated on a scale from 1 "very weak" to 10 "outstanding". In order to achieve the highest possible score, we recommend three steps to be best prepared for the structured interview: 1.) Clarifying what the EPSO competences actually mean; 2.) identifying suitable professional situations and experiences; and 3.) working on the optimal presentation of professional experience.

We are happy to assist you at all three steps and train and simulate the interview with you online. Send a short e-mail with the subject: Coaching "Structured Interview" to training (at)

The tested competences, such as resilience or working with others are listed in the respective open note of the competition. EPSO has prepared standardised tasks for each competence. The task "Please describe a very stressful situation from your working life!" gives you the opportunity to show how resilient you have acted in the past.

EPSO has published the definitions of the general competences in the Guidelines governing general competitions. Resilience is defined as follows: "Remain effective under a heavy workload, handle organisational frustrations positively and adapt to a changing work environment".

As first step, you will work out what the tested competence actually means. You will be resilient, if

  • you can adjust yourself to peaks of workload,
  • you correctly assess your own capacities,
  • you are not stresses because of lots of tasks or many deadlines or
  • you are able to cope with uncertainty.

As second step you identify professional experiences and situations, about which you can talk to proof that you were able to implement the competencies. Objective is to gain as many points as possible. A suitable and well proven method to structure your answers is STAR: Situation, Tasks, Action and Result. You have to clarify:

Situation: What was the problem? Who was involved?

Tasks: What was you concrete task? What were the objectives?

Action: What did you do? Clarify also, for which reason you acted and what has driven you. EPSO is interested in persons who are able to review their behaviour. One problem or challenge does not automatically lead to THE solution. In many cases several options are plausible and likely. Explain to the assessors for which reason you chose one specific option.

Result: And what was the result or impact of your action? Did you succeed? What is the conclusion you draw?

We will simulate the structured interview with you online and use Skype, TeamViewer or Blizz. You receive a detailed feedback, to even get more points at the interview. We have already prepared more than 100 candidates.

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