Training for the EPSO assessment centre

To be best prepared for the EPSO Assessment Centre euphorum is offering trainings. Through the training participants become familiar with all selection instruments and can approach the assessment centre with confidence.

What we would like to achieve with you

After that training your are familiar with the applied selection instruments, and you can successfully pass the AC. For the training is limited to six persons, we can focus on your strenghts and weaknesses. We will also use video-recording during the seminar that you can receive very concrete and precise feedback to improve your performance. We will cover in detail:

  • the group exercise,
  • the presentation,
  • the structured interview and
  • the case study (if requred).

The workshop fee is Euro 375,- (incl. VAT). The price includes:

  • One day training,
  • Material and
  • Coffee and tea.


fully booked
do not wait too long
enough places available

Webinar & exercise

The webinar takes place with six participants. You will be introduced into the objectives and procedure of the group exercise. By a simulation you will then solve a case. Two assessors will follow the discussion and provide concrete and precise feedback.

The webinar aims at clarifying how the tested general competencies can be transfered into practice and by which behaviour and activity you can gain most points at the EPSO group exercise.

Technical requirements for the webinar are a headset and an internet connection. The webinar lasts for 2.5 hours and costs € 65,- (incl. VAT).


Starting from the competencies checked by this test, we will identfy concrete behaviours with you by which you can demonstrate that you are able to use the competencies. We present you (online) a practical and proven model that can help you as an orientation framework to also act in such a way that you cover all the competencies you have to show. Single phases, e.g. the opening phase, we will also be able to simulate. The time effort will be about 1.5 hours online. You need a headset and an Internet connection for the technical implementation. Please feel free to contact us if you would like further information and our hourly rate.

Coaching & simulation

euphorum can you individually prepare you for the the interview. In order to best prepare the structured interview, we would like to work with you on three points:

  • the general competencies, that are tested by the structured interview,
  • your personal professional experiences and
  • your presention of your competencies.

We simulate the structured interview and you receive concrete and precise feedback and tips to improve your way how to explain and describe past professional experiences and situations. For each above mentioned point you receive working material.

Do not hesitate to contact us to receive for information as the price per hour.


We will give you a brief introduction with lots of hints and tips on the challenges and difficulties with this exam. You are working on your own case, prepare your presentation including a flipchart paper and present and discuss your results. We will evaluate your presentation, your behavior during the discussion and the design and use of the flip chart. Time required 1-1.5 hours.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to receive further information and our fee rate.


We give you a brief introduction to the case study (online) with many hints and tips and then provide you with a case study. You develop your answer and as an option we correct your result. Time required 1-1.5 hours.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like further information and our fee rate.

Please send a brief email to training(at) We wil quickly response and send further information to you.