EU law - EPSO/AD/381/20

We will prepare you for all the tests. Based on recent EU law tests (CAST and a COM internal procedure) and our long experience with EPSO tests, we would like to explore the range of possible questions with you and give you advice on how to prepare even better.  We can prepare you for the intermediate test on EU law.

120 questions on EU law

We have developed 120  new questions on EU law. The questions are available in DE / EN and FR. Furthermore, all questions contain explanations.

Take a test with 20 questions free of charge.

Access to all questions and 300 credits you get byy the EU law expert credits package. It costs EUR 19,90 (incl. VA)T.

 > EU law expert package

Perfect preparation on EU laws test

We will not be able to turn you into an EU law expert in one training session and 1.5 hours, but we can provide impulses on how to approach the very large portfolio of topics, where you may still have gaps in your knowledge and how these can be closed. After the training, you will be familiar with the EU law subject test. We will cover all areas that are asked by the test.

Topics of the training are: The test environment, the EU Law Subject Test, sample test 20 questions in 30 minutes and the subject areas of the Subject Test. The training package includes:

  • Access to 120 questions on EU law (DE/EN and FR)
  • 1,5 hours training,
  • Demo test with 20 questions and
  • the booklet "How to prepare best on the EU law test".

The training costs EUR 65,- (incl. VAT)

Training date is:

  • Tuesday 07 September 2021, 18.00-1930 hrs

Maximun 15 persons can participate per training.

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