Perfect online preparation on EPSO Assessment Centre

EPSO uses different instruments to assess candidates' general competencies in in the Assessment Centre. Very often a class room training provides too many tips and tricks, which cannot be realised and are forgotten. As an alternative euphorum offers a step by step approach, your individual preparation - supported by our methodological study papers - is combined with online coaching sessions. First, we work out how you will be assessed by EPSO and receive as many points as possible. Then, we simulate the tests and work on the improvement of your performance. As a further advantage there are no travel expenses for you.

A preparation step by step

We will deal with all EPSO tests: Presentation, SCBI, structured interview and motivational interview. You will be perfectly prepared for the Assessment Centre.

The AD Assessment Centre package includes:

  • Methodological working sheets & learning booklets on each AC test,
  • minimum 5 hours of coaching (à 60 minutes).

The programme costs EUR 425,- (incl. VAT)

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What we would like to achieve with you

After the training you are very familiar with the EPSO instruments case study, group exercise, presentation and structured interview and you know how to achieve as many points as possible to successfully pass the tests. But, please note. EPSO decides on each expert competition which instruments will be applied and how the competencies are assessed. For some competitions there will be no presentation, in the framework of other competitions the structured interview is used to assess up to six competencies. Therefore, you can flexibly use the coaching session of the AD experts programme as you wish.

The AD Assessment Centre online package includes:

  • Methodological working sheets & learning booklets on each AC test,
  • minimum 6 hours of coaching (à 60 minutes),
  • case study (DE/EN) with evaluation and
  • presentation (DE/EN).

The programme costs EUR 485,- (incl. VAT)

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