Welcome to the European Careers Portal 2.0!!

You have access to a data bank with more than 1,300 questions in English, French and German. We provide you with all EPSO tests on verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning and on situational judgments as well with all AST specific tests Prioritising & Organising and Accuracy & Precision. By the real test modus you simulate your situation in the EPSO test centre. Conditions - number of questions and the available time - are as they are in your selection process. In the training modus you have additionally access to the solution and an explanation.

The European Careers Programme is the result of more than 10 years of experience in preparing EPSO applicants. It is utmost suitable for applicants who cannot take part in preparation seminars or would like to prepare themselves individually. In several steps you are guided through a test, you can practise and learn to assess your capabilities. At the end you can solve EPSO tests quickly and correctly by using a proven euphorum methods.

We will be glad to support. do not hesitate to contact us for any further question. We wish you success for your EPSO-application!!

With kind regards

euphorum team